Emily the Strange

hey guys. Ok now, I'm feeling like to speak English. Sorry for my broken English okay? Haha. Do you know why I speak English suddenly? Guess, guess! Oh okay don't need cause I know you'll not guess. Haha. So I'll tell the answer

It is... because of this!!!!!

Yesh yesh. It IS a novel. And the title is , Emily the Strange: The Lost Days. I borrowed this book from my friend and fall in love with it <3 <3 <3   Who had already read this book? Ohh!! Tell me please!  Wanna share with u something bout this book. Ohohoho.

[p/s: duhh.. still not finish yet reading it yet :P]

Because of this book....!  I'm feeling like to speak English all the time. Ok I'm lying. Maybe not 'all the time', but.. most of the time. Hahah. Okayy.. I recommend this book for u guys!! Read it! Buy it, read it, you'll be no sorry! I... I believe 100%!!

Ceh.. promote book. Tch. Cya guys later, assalamualaikum all!

~Love, Mai~

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