Hahaha... lawak gila! Ajoi Isi Borang Kerja

Oleh kerana dah boring isi borang kerja kosong tapi asyik tak dapat, Ajoi menggunakan teknik baru supaya company yang dia apply kerja tu beri perhatian kepada permohonannya.
Name : AjoiAge : Still young
Sex: Never. Still under age
Religion: I only have experience praying my cat which dead 2 years before
Race: I love to race. How did u know?

Nationality : I don’t like National. I prefer Sanyo
IC No.: 6735

Tel No.: My house no telephone
HP No.: Nokia 3310

Address: Jelutong, Penang
City: Nurhaliza?

Postcode: I never post anything
Country: I love travel to London
Status: Secret

EmailAddress : Hotmail
Education Background : My teacher said, not bad
Working Experience : Last time I got sell pirate VCD
Father’s Name : Daddy

Father’s IC No. : U ask him
Mother’s Name : Mummy
Mother’s IC No. : U ask her
Expected Salary : As much as u can pay
When can start work? : Depends on my mood
Highest Qualification : Very high
Grade : Also very high
College/University : College
Signature : Can I use chop??

HAHA... lawak tak?  Komen tau!!  

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