Exam Finish, Holiday's Coming!! Yay!

Assalamualaikum/hello everybody!!   You must know that I'm happy right know!!  According the tittle, you MUST know. Ha ha ha...  exam finish!!  We need to celebrate it! Ha ha, very happy.  holiday? Really? Is it holiday's coming?  And know.. I'm extra happy!!   ^^-  Don't you happy?   Where do you wanna go?  By the way (BTW),  we holiday for 2 weeks!  2 weeks, you know?
Ha ha..  so, where do you wanna go?  My father plans to go to Cameron Highlands.  
But.. dup dap dup dap.  Since I'm in year 6,  my school make an extra tuition for us!!!!  It's okay!! The tuition only for four days!!!  I'm very grateful... but the homework is too many even it's only BM... kyaa~
Look, look!!! Some Cameron Highlands pictures!!!

This is Parek Waterfall~!!   Subhanallah,  it's so wonderful!!   But I don't remember where it is?  I think it is near to Cameron Highlands? Ha ha ha ha.....    

I don't remember where it is... but what I remember is my family and I have been here.. once we went there before.   Hmm.. I think it is _______ (berkaitan) with 'sultan' or 'pahang'. Oh, God, I really don't remember.. ha ha ha..

Don't there look very delicious?  Cameron Highlands strawberries!!!  Yuppy!!!   I.. when the first time I go there...  I ate strawberry chocolate .... it was delicious!!  Yummy yummy.. I still remember the taste.. he he he h...

That's all..   and..   WISH ME GET 5A's OKAY?!!! AND BE MY FOLLOWER (if you want to).  Okay, bye bye. 

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