Happy Father's Day!!

Assalamualaikum readers..  Minah Saleh is here to write something..

I don't understand what's my laptop's problem and ruined this picture!! But you can still watch his face, right?  Dad, I wanna say something... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! I LOVE YOU TILL MY LAST BREATH!!!  Yeah!  Dad, you're a caring and loving father.  You always worries about us and that made me touching.  I'll not forget you..
"So what do you want as a present?"  I asked that to my dad. And guess what's my dad answered? He just said,
"I only want you to success in your life. That's the biggest present ever to me."
I feel like to cry. Thanks, dad!!!
That's all.  I will study hard for you!!
With lots of love,
Farihah Syahmina.

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Erin Ab. Rahaman said...

happy fathers day to him ! :)

D' Black Writer said...

to you too! thanks for comment! ^^

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