Movie - Kungfu Panda 2~!

Minah Saleh is here.  Hey, I've some stories for ya.  My sisters and I was watching Kungfu Panda 2 this evening!! Woohoo!!  So fun and best~  Really like it.  I like the part when they were fighting. Wacha!  My oldest sister said,  "Nanti mesti ada Kungfu Panda 3. Sebab tergantung ceritanya."
Yes!! I wish it will become true!!  That will be so much fun!  Even we were late but .. well, in the cinema, only us three laugh out loud. So ashamed cause other people didn't understand the jokes and didn't laugh. Chittt!!!   X)  But I really, serious don't care. Hak hak!
And.. I AM watching Beastly on the television. My sister got the CD.  Well, Beastly is also fun. OH yea, I'll put both poster of the film. 

The most I like..
Wahooo waaa...

On the television:
And this is about a man named Kyle that cursed by a witch.  Watch it!

Okay, that's all I wanna say.  Goodbye, readers!!

~Minah Saleh aka D' Black Writer~

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