Hari Sukan !!

I'm Minah Saleh is here to write something!!  What?  Actually, Hari Sukan Tahunan for my school is yesterday, but I forgot to writer here.  So, I'm going to write about it.  For added all marks, Alfa (red) is the winner!!  Congrats for you guys...  
But it's okay.  Gamma is still the winner in ______(perbarisan).  Yay!!  What was the prize?  Well, it is actually a kind a bag.. and a _____ (pingat).  Quite best.  =D  But my ____(pingat) was destroyed by one of my friend.  But I didn't angry.  For what to angry, right?  =D
Alfa!! Just wait for Gamma next year, even I will not at SKTIE again!!  But, the spirit of Gamma is still in my body!!  Jangan terketar-ketar lutut sudahlah!! Hahahaha...

I think this picture is cute~  <3    ^^
D' Black Writer. 

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Nur Syazwani said...

korang dpt beg?! bestnye!!! pingat dlm bi medal..kite rase la...prbarisan...x tau la plak...tahniah sebab dpt no 1...

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