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D' Black Writer is here! And... what will I write about?  Results! Huhu.. so anxious...  ^^"   I already got the results for Trial Exam.  Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........  TAK PUAS HATI!! Huhu.. so sad.  Why I sad? Coz the marks are not too fine.  I need to work hard more. Arhh..  *angkat berat*. hahaha...  just kidding (JK)..  ^^- happy happy okay?

I got
4A 1B! 

Okay, when the first time I heard that news, I was really excited till yesterday. Today?  Humm...  dah berkurang 5%. Hhuhu..  the B is for English subject which is 78%! I missed it!  If at Paper 1 , if I get RIGHT for another one question, I'll get A, which means


But, what to do? It's fate and insya-ALLAH, I'll try to more be a hardworking girl to get THAT RESULT!  Yeah!  Hidup Farihah! Hahahahh... that's sort of merepek-meraban.  Hahahah.. whatever it is,  I need to go and eat when it's Maghrib. Goodbye, dears!  :P


~D' Black Writer~

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